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How to Clear the Twitter Cache on iPhone and Free Up Space

How to Clear the Twitter Cache on iPhone and Free Up Space
Twitter is a popular social networking service where you can post short tweets, share images and videos, broadcast live videos, and do much more.
It is also one of the places where you will literally waste your time scrolling to your feed viewing memes and watching funny videos. 

If you have Twitter on your iPhone, you may have noticed that the app quickly loads the content that you’ve previously viewed and these content can even be viewed in offline mode. This is because Twitter caches the data to avoid having to re-download them every time you open the app. Examples of data that are cached include photos, GIFs, cookies and much more.

While caching enhances the user experience and reduces data usage, it also occupies some storage space on your iPhone. Over time, the cached data can increase in size to take up a large space. Therefore, it’s a good idea to clear the Twitter cache every once in a while to save some storage space.

Here’s how you can view the size of the Twitter cache and clear it on iPhone.

How to Clear the Twitter Cache on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Twitter app.

Step 2: Tap on the Me tab.

Step 3: Tap on the gear icon and choose Settings.

Step 4: Open Data Usage.

Step 5: Under the Storage section, you’ll find Media storage and Web storage options. Next to each, you can view the amount of storage that they are occupying on your device.

Step 6: Open Media storage and tap on the Clear media storage button to remove the cached photo, GIF, and Vine data.

Step 7: Go back previous screen and open Web storage. Press the Clear all web storage button to remove all the web data such as cookies and logins.

This will clear all the cached Twitter data on your iPhone and free the space that they were occupying. This also means that Twitter now has to re-downloaded all those data if you attempt to view them because they no longer exist in the cache.

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