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Apple TV vs. Google’s YouTube TV

Apple TV vs. Google’s YouTube TV

One is ascending. One is descending. I know which one I have and I know which one I want. I have an Apple TV. It’s my third one. I still can’t cut the cord. Now I’m sure that’s more Apple’s fault than mine.

The television and movie industry is a jungle. Cable TV companies rule their markets. Cord cutters are growing in number, but the hoops one must jump through to get decent variety of information and entertainment from Apple TV, Roku, and the like, prohibits much cutting of the cable cord. Leave it to Google to give cord cutters more value for the money.

Can You Say, “DVR?”

Apple TV has more apps as channels than Google’s new YouTube TV. It’s hundreds vs. a few dozen. Here’s the problem. Apple TV is a platform for Apple to sell apps, sell TV shows, sell movies, and even sell games. Navigating through the jungle of apps as channels is a nightmare, Siri notwithstanding.

Competitors to Apple TV are everywhere there’s not much difference between them. Navigating apps is maddening, and that’s exactly what the digital gods want of us before they destroy humankind. When it comes to television, Google decided to do something different, something Apple should have done but, 1) could not, or, 2) did not want to, or, 3) didn’t think about.

Google’s new YouTube TV is live, streaming television with local channels, but with a built-in DVR (digital video recorder) with unlimited capacity. What you get in YouTube TV are the basic television networks, a number of cable TV networks, six accounts per household, and that big, honking, unlimited DVR option.

That’s a deal breaker, folks. Goodbye, Apple TV. Or, at best, Apple TV moves to input #2 on my television.

YouTube TV has an app for iPhone, iPad, and other devices but the secret to the $35 a month sauce is the DVR option which lets you record whatever is running on the three dozen channels and play it back whenever and wherever you want. How is that not a deal breaker for cable TV subscribers and Apple TV owners?

Here’s a partial list of the networks and TV channels. CBS, Fox, NBC, CW, ESPN, CSN, Fox Sports, FS1 & FS2, FX, FreeForm, Diskey, E, ESPN 2, Oxygen, SyFy, Fox News, National Geographic, and others. It’s like having a basic cable TV package of the most watched channels, but with a DVR that resides in the cloud.

AT&T’s DirecTV Now, Sling TV, and others merely bring cable TV from 1999 to the 21st century; in other words, limited networks, streaming video, same price. YouTube TV adds the world’s largest DVR to the mix, and the option of streaming almost anywhere for about the same price tag.

That’s a deal breaker. The only thing that keeps Apple TV from being tossed out the door is AirPlay.

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